A trip to Sakhalin is an unexplored world of amazing nature, the coast of the Pacific Ocean, sea delicacies, excursions with a professional guide and the sincere company of brave travelers who came to the end of the world!

on  Sakhalin you:

 - you will see the heritage that we inherited from the Karafuto period, not only in the form of buildings in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, but also in distant and inaccessible places of our island;
 - touch the stunning natural monuments of Sakhalin;
 - taste the fresh delicacies that we were endowed with by the Sea of Okhotsk. On the first day, we will treat you to Japanese dishes, in Tikhaya Bay we will prepare for you fresh crab, red caviar, scallop, shrimp and much more.
 - after a busy day, you will return to a comfortable hotel where you can regain your strength and prepare for the next trip, the location of the hotel is selected so that before going to bed, you can take a fascinating walk through the center of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk;
 - fall in love with this island forever ...
The uniqueness of Sakhalin, first of all, is that it is far from central Russia, so visiting it is already a feat. And there is not a single person who would be disappointed after meeting this amazing corner of the earth. The island is famous for its diverse flora, rare animals, birds and commercial fish. Is it worth talking about a special enchanting atmosphere that cannot be conveyed even in the most striking pictures and videos?
Tikhaya Bay
The bay serves as a refuge for rare herbs and flowers that carpet her foot. The rocky islet, inaccessible to humans, was occupied by noisy seagulls. Only their screams violate the sleepy silence of this paradise.

 Busse Lake

Have you heard about the oyster? Have you ever walked on a lake strewn with oysters? Busse lagoon is a unique place where a huge number of marine reptiles live, but the main thing for us is the otter oysters which you collect as much as you can eat. And of course, on this day we will prepare for you a whole abundance of local delicacies, we are sure that this tour will remain in your memory forever.

 Ostanets Lyagushka ( the Frog) 

Legend has it that the place used to be the temple of wisdom of the ancient Ainu people. They came here to communicate with heavenly spirits and to be alone with nature. This place to this day, like a magnet, attracts modern magicians and ufologists. Here, mysterious and inexplicable phenomena occur that excite the minds of scientists and psychics.

Most likely, it is not without reason that the rocks, of which the Frog is a part, stand relative to each other like planets of the Solar system. There is some kind of magic in it, and you can touch it, and, perhaps, feel and learn something. Visit Jupiter or Pluto - it's easier than it sounds.

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Туристическая фирма «Солнечный мир» работает на рынке туризма с 2000 года. За прошедшее время компания смогла найти хороших партнеров, чтобы работать так, чтобы отдых для ее клиентов был самым комфортным и незабываемым.

В числе приоритетных направлений – социально-культурный туризм, в частности детский. Причем «Солнечный мир» организует поездки детей в разные страны мира – Чехию, Китай, Японию не только на отдых, но и для участия в международных фестивалях творчества.

«Солнечный мир» организует оздоровительные туры по России, в Китай, Израиль и Чехию на основании договоров с санаториями и клиниками этих стран. Следует заметить, что услуги фирмы пользуются большим спросом. Только в КНР компания ежегодно отправляет более 5 тысяч российских туристов. В адрес «Солнечного мира» приходят сотни благодарственных писем. Деятельность туроператора отмечена многими правительственными грамотами и дипломами.

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