Ornithological tour

Birds are wonderful creatures of nature!
We suggest you visit the nature reserves and sanctuaries of the Khabarovsk Territory and watch these beautiful, feathered creatures!
Bolshehehtsirsky reserve
Green Island
This is the oldest reserve in the Khabarovsk Territory. It was created in October 1963. Its area is “only” 45 thousand ha. However, even the first researchers in the south of the Far East were struck by the unusually high concentration of biological diversity on the spurs of the Bolshoi Khekhtsir ridge. Here, on a small site, as if an unknown force gathered all the natural wealth of the Ussuri taiga.
The woody vegetation of the reserve is represented by several types. Common species are birch, maple, linden, elm, spruce, as well as eastern endemic Amur velvet, Manchurian walnut, Mongolian oak, Amur maakiya.
The fauna of the reserve is varied. Of the 53 species of mammals in the protected area, there are not only widespread species in Eurasia, but also typically Asian ones, such as columns, musk deer, and Himalayan bears. There are tigers on Bolshoi Khekhtsir. A rare reptile - the Far Eastern soft-bodied tortoise - lives in the reservoirs.
The feathered population of the reserve is represented by different types of distribution and lifestyle. Here the inhabitants of northern taiga, mixed forests of the temperate zone and southern broad-leaved forests nest.
Udyl Nature Reserve
is located in the Ulchi district of the Khabarovsk Territory on the left bank of the lower Amur.
Udyl is the largest lake in the Khabarovsk Territory, the territory of which is enough to accommodate several dwarf states of Europe, for example, two Liechtenstein or five San Marino, or even all of the Maldives.
Naturally, such a large lake with the adjacent massifs of flood meadows and swamps is a permanent habitat for several hundred species of plants and animals, including rare and endangered ones.
Anyui National Park 
was created in December 2007, occupying 430 thousand hectares of area on the western macro slope of central Sikhote-Alin in the basin of the Anyui River, a large right tributary of the Amur.
The Anyui River Basin is one of the key landscape areas of central Sikhote-Alin, almost all the main landscapes of the Amur Region from the mountains are found here.There are more than 300 species of vertebrate animals in the park, including about 60 species of mammals, 40 species of fish and more than 200 species of birds. Flora of higher vascular plants - 569 species.
The wealth of flora and fauna, a developed network of rivers and lakes, diverse landscapes, including the remains of an ancient volcano, attract supporters of active educational tourism.
Higan Reserve
The reserve is located on the Amur plain. Only the third part is occupied by low hills - the spurs of Lesser Khingan, stretched from the foots to the tops of the forest canopy with a dense undergrowth of hazel and eleutherococcus, intertwined with vines of actinidia colomictus. These forests are mostly deciduous, with a small admixture of conifers. Most of them are composed of species such as birch, aspen, oak.
The flat territories of the reserve occupy most of its area and are practically treeless. Numerous sedge-reed marshes alternate with mixed meadows and birch pegs, and the rare hills that rise among the plains bear the remains of the oak forests that once dominated here. Among the marshes there are scattered lakes - elders, with rich aquatic vegetation. But the main value of the preserved territory is the rare birds nesting here - Far Eastern storks, Japanese and Daurian cranes and many others.


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Туристическая фирма «Солнечный мир» работает на рынке туризма с 2000 года. За прошедшее время компания смогла найти хороших партнеров, чтобы работать так, чтобы отдых для ее клиентов был самым комфортным и незабываемым.

В числе приоритетных направлений – социально-культурный туризм, в частности детский. Причем «Солнечный мир» организует поездки детей в разные страны мира – Чехию, Китай, Японию не только на отдых, но и для участия в международных фестивалях творчества.

«Солнечный мир» организует оздоровительные туры по России, в Китай, Израиль и Чехию на основании договоров с санаториями и клиниками этих стран. Следует заметить, что услуги фирмы пользуются большим спросом. Только в КНР компания ежегодно отправляет более 5 тысяч российских туристов. В адрес «Солнечного мира» приходят сотни благодарственных писем. Деятельность туроператора отмечена многими правительственными грамотами и дипломами.

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