Khabarovsk is a large city in the Far East of Russia, the administrative center of the Khabarovsk Territory. The city is located near the Chinese border on the banks of the Amur River.
Founded in 1858, Khabarovsk delights guests with its wide well-groomed streets, beautiful parks and squares, and numerous architectural monuments from different eras. Khabarovsk three times became the winner of the competition "The most comfortable city in Russia."
In order to get acquainted with the city, we recommend that you allocate at least 2 days, as The tourist life of Khabarovsk is very diverse. Here you can organize a good excursion program, actively relax or get acquainted with the culture and customs of the indigenous peoples of the lower Amur.
Several epochs have united in the local architectural monuments: you can observe the customs of the peoples of the lower Amur and actively relax on the sea with a well-equipped infrastructure.
Excursions in Khabarovsk are the best way to get to know the city and its nature. You can just come here for one day or on the weekend, with your family, or just send the child with his friends. There are good options on how to do this.
Excursions in Khabarovsk through the eyes of tourists
When planning excursions in Khabarovsk on the weekend, you must definitely visit the following placies, otherwise no one will believe that you were in the homeland of the Amur tiger. It:
Central Lenin Square - the monument is surrounded by enchanting architectural ensemble of structures of different ages;
A show of singing fountains on city ponds;
Amursky Boulevard - the atmosphere here will charm you so much that you will forget to stop at traffic lights;
On the embankment you will see the magnificent Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God, visit the observation deck near the monument of Muravyov-Amursky;
Ferris wheel riding in the park named after Muravyov-Amursky;
And now, attention, the top 3 places for fans to get further and higher:
The most beautiful places of Khabarovsk
The monument to Erofei Khabarov, 4,5 meters high, is a symbolic image of the forefather of the city. It looks magnificent and large!
Transfiguration Cathedral began to be built in the zero. Its height is 83 meters. Today, the object is considered one of the highest temples in the country. But not only the height is mesmerizing, the golden domes and luxurious decoration symbolize Christian Russia.
The Khabarovsk Regional Museum of N. I. Grodekov is very exciting in terms of learning new and unknown. Unique exhibits are stored here, and each of them has its own story.
Other city attractions include the Far Eastern Art Museum, the Military History Museum, the Amur Fish Museum and Aquarium, the Regional Drama and Comedy Theater (the former NKVD club), the White Theater, the circus, Priamursky Zoo, Platinum Arena, Admiral Nevelsky Embankment, and many others , which you can see by ordering a tour to this extraordinary city.
Excursions in Khabarovsk are something!
The Far East so unloads the brain with the beauty of its nature, just as it loads it with its secrets and riddles, inexplicable natural artifacts.
This place is like space - it is endless! Be sure to visit us!

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